About Us

Dineinmuscat.com was launched in 2015 and is one of the first exclusive online restaurant advertising portal in the Sultanate of Oman. Our goal is to provide businesses an online platform to showcase their offerings digitally. Nowadays, making a webiste is expensive and learning the mechanics of digital marketing is very time consuming. 

Today’s diners are more discriminating than ever. They want to know everything about the restaurant where they’re going to spend their money on – it's not just about the food anymore, but also about the layout, décor and ambience of the place. They want to consider all available choices before making an informed decision about where to dine and doing it physically can be a total waste of time and effort. 

That's where www.dineinmuscat.com can help.

We have created this website for our users to have an online platform on where to dine in whenever they feel like it. By using our website our users can have the benefit of convinience and save time looking and researching for a place to go to. 

Innovation is what distinguishes us. Our website provides extensive information on all listed restaurants and cafés, including address and contact details, colour photographs, full menus with prices, plus detailed directions and maps that can be printed out. Customers can search on both location and food category to find the perfect place to dine. 

Dineinmuscat.com is mobile friendly and the App can be easily downloaded through the Google Play Store.

There are plans to expand www.dineinmuscat.com across the Sultanate, so that restaurants and customers throughout Oman can benefit from the valuable service it provides.  

We offer a flexible contract for restaurants at affordable prices with no pre-commitment or exit costs. Unlimited changes can be made during the contract period at no extra cost - for example, adding images or posting information about promotional offers and events.